Saturday, March 31, 2012

Starting Over Again

Well, I am sad to admit that I caved in and ate.  I made it 12 days and then got some emotionally intense news and I did what I usually do in these circumstances.  I ate.  One of the things I really wanted to learn from this fast is how to not be such an emotional eater.  I wish so much I was one of those people that went for a run when they were upset or went outside and mended the fence or something equally calorie burning and  useful.  But oh no, that's not my modus operandi.  I eat.  It's so frustrating because I can eat so healthfully for so long but then let an emotional crisis hit and I head for the pizza, soda and chocolate ice cream with almonds.  UGH!  I decided to give myself 24 hours to eat those things that I had really been craving and then I would get right back on the Juice Fast.

I am starting again tomorrow morning so I already have my refrigerator stocked with massive amounts of greens and have made 3 quarts of juice for tomorrow.  I have to admit that I feel so sluggish and awful now that I've eaten.  It tasted so good but it sure hasn't made me feel good.  I'm actually anxious to get back on the juices and start over again.

Here's to new beginnings, health and weight loss!

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  1. Oh, so sorry about your slip up - I completely understand, though, and remember you did go 12 days - which is still quite an accomplishment! :)